Monday, 11 March 2013

On the last leg!!!!

Sorry if my posts aren't being published, I'm having trouble getting Internet! But it's all happening here despite my silence. :-)

Milos has been going really well. He managed to extend his lead on Ole from 4 to 12 minutes last night between Karasjok and Jergul. At Jergul there was a 6 hour mandatory rest period so he was out again at 07.00. He left with 7 dogs as Gina was dehydrated and tired. Ole and Katy also had 7 dogs, Eline 8. On this downhill stretch we hope it won't make too much of a difference. Milos himself was in good shape after a few hours sleep too.

Ole was really pushing for quite some time on the trail with Katy and Eline sticking together just a few minutes behind him. But then Ole started to slow a little and it looked like Eline was gaining time on him. Now we have the results from Jotka, the last checkpoint 50km from Alta, and it shows Ole was having trouble with a dog and dropped one more. He now has only six dogs so will find it hard to catch Milos now (unless something goes wrong). But all three behind Milos still pose a threat and I know he will want to just maintain this steady, natural pace for the dogs all the way in. Just 50km of 500km to go!!!!!

The stats show that Milos is running 16.1kmph, Eline is running 16, Katy 15.8 and Ole 15.7. It's a fast race.

Come on Milos!!!!!!!!! How proud I am of him and the dogs whatever happens.

A pic of Milos leaving Jergul this morning.

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