Sunday, 8 March 2015

And it's over... Milos scratches

This is just a quick update as I know people are asking... Yes, Milos has scratched at Levajok. Infact, he wasn't even going to go that far but it was a nice, sunny day so he decided to hook up six dogs and go. 

The problem? In short, two dogs with shoulder problems and a stupid wife who broke her wrist fighting with the generator (I must think up a better story). 

Milos arrived in Karasjok and after attending to the dogs came back to the van to find me collapsed on the ground outside the van door. I was faint at the pain of the accident and couldn't get up. He called the organisers over who found a nurse and took me inside. Next I went to the nearest doctors clinic to receive an assessment. He sent me to the nearest accident & emergency 300km away in Hammerfest! By taxi!!! It took about 3 hours one way. Once x-rayed it was a clear crack across the big bone of the forearm, nearest the wrist. Serious but clean I was told so luckily no surgery. They put on a cast (gyps) and back to Karasjok I headed to find Milos had run on to Levajok but had already decided to scratch because of the whole situation. Waf was already dropped and Toby now had the same shoulder problem. He probably could have gone on but best he didn't. Of course Milos is disappointed. He said the team looked really good and strong other than the shoulders. But I think my accident finished him off. I can't do anything! I can't even tie my own hair up. I can't drive, I can't look after the dogs and I can't look after Milos. Not much of a handler!!!

Totally gutted after so much preparation, expense and hard work. 

I could write more (one handed) but I've just realised it's going to take me about an hour to clean my teeth and get undressed with one hand!! And we've just got back to Alta where we'll stay the night then head home tomorrow. I have no idea how I'll cope from there... I'm supposed to be guiding a dog sled trip on Friday and I'm completely useless!!! So annoyed...

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