Saturday, 7 March 2015

Milos 4th into Jotka

A steady 16.3kmph has seen Milos come 4th into Jotka. That's pretty good going in such bad conditions. Taisto came in 10th with a speed around 15.5kmph. He came in at the same time as Eilsabeth Edland who is currently fastest on the trail just one minute faster than Milos. No worries there. It's not a race that starts in Alta or Jotka! The real race starts after the half way point! And of course there could be faster teams at the back! 

So far Espen Hamnvik is the only musher to head straight through the checkpoint. The others are resting and I think this is a good idea as the first 58km would have been quite tough for the dogs! 

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