Friday, 6 March 2015

At the starting banquet!

Finally it feels like the race is getting going... We're at Scandic Alta hotel at the start banquet. There must be several hundred people here. We're sitting in tables of 10 and of course we choose a table with our closest neighbours from Kauppinen!! Other than one... We also have Radek and his handler Lubos at our table. It should be a good night! I hope to post more pictures as the night continues and the mushers receive their official starting bibs for tomorrow. For now here's a quick picture of Taisto and handler Rasto, Jan and handler Lenka, Radek and handler Lubos and Kent and handler Tor. And Milos of course. :-)

Could the winner of Finnmarkslopet 500 be at this table? :-)

1 comment:

Delphine Arnaud said...

I'm pretty sure the winner is sitting at thag table ;)