Saturday, 7 March 2015

Results into Jotka

It's just the beginning but here are the results into Jotka, sorted so fastest on the trail is at the top. Not much in it!! As expected Radek has had a good start and is in 5th place after Milos in 4th and Elisabeth Edland in 2nd. The fastest team is a Norwegian team I've not heard of... But I don't know that many Norwegian teams! And at the start, they announced Jorn Sodahl Kvam was one to watch so perhaps we should put him on our radar too. But it's still so early to be talking about any positioning (it's just hard to resist!). It actually means very little when you're about 10% into the race. 

Milos stopped for about half an hour at Jotka and many teams did the same. Now they're heading for Jergul 78km away. We have just arrived so will prepare for the 3-4 hour mandatory layover. 

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Rachel Dalton said...

Well done Milos. Great start. I know you and your fab team of furry friends can do it!! X