Saturday, 7 March 2015

Storms have hit already...

Less than a couple of hours in and the teams have hit their first storm. The winds are howling and snow is being swept through the valleys. The first team is due to reach Jotka soon (Hilde Askildt). This is a small checkpoint which teams normally run through because it's the same checkpoint on the way back and if the dogs stop the first time round chances are they'll expect to stop on the way back when they're tired but need to carry on. Mentally this can be challenging for them. But with bad weather it will be interesting to see what the teams do. It's good to keep the tank full for as long as possible so to speak so it might be a good idea to stop and rest for 15-30 minutes perhaps. Strategy plays a big part in the race so everyone will work out their own way. But even mistakes this early can mean you pay later!

Milos seems to be doing well, somewhere around the 4-6th team on the trail now. I can't find the others in the GPS yet so I'll update you on that later. 

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