Sunday, 20 January 2013

7b in progress

Milos left at 8.22 this morning. They started in reverse order from last night. From the first part 7a he finished 6th behind Jimmy, Jiri, Daniel, Miki and Radek. Jean-Phillippe was 8th after Salva. But of course these aren't official results as it is a double stage. We will see how the teams go on this longer stage - will the fast teams manage to keep their speed?

I'm sitting in the temporary Headquarters of the LGO watching the GPS tracking on a big screen. It's like a car crash... You don't want to look but you have to! The GPS only updates every few minutes so sometimes it can look like someone is falling behind or stopped and then they will jump ahead. It's really stressful watching which is why you have another blog post from me today!! It's a distraction.

Milos has a team of 9 this morning. The vets confirmed we could drop Falco as he's limping on his swollen leg. It doesn't look infected but he had a fight with Heineken and Spendrup on our way to the race and got a nasty puncture wound which looks like its gone through to the muscle and now it's causing problems.

We continue to give fluids and nutrition to Wuf and now Slash again, although Slash has now eaten some meat too (perhaps breakfast was just too early for him!). Luckily Wuf still has some appetite left so his main problem is hydration.

Balto looks great and has started whining and barking at the team wanting to leave with them. That's great because we would like to run him tomorrow. His poop (sorry to talk poop!) looks good and he's actually been quite well for a couple of days now but we wanted to rest him to be sure. I hope he will finish the race now.

So, the GPS shows Milos doing ok so far although they're only half way. He has 9 dogs compared to everyone else's 10. J-P is obviously running the dog he had in the sled last night. But I have to say the dogs I saw in the teams this morning looked pretty good and so far it looks like another fast stage with Jimmy continuing to lead the way.

More updates later.

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