Saturday, 12 January 2013

Prologue stage sprung on us!

The rest of our journey went really well driving through the night to Switzerland and arriving in Chatillon Sur Cluses in France at around 7.30am. It wasn't long before we were joined by many teams... Catching up with friends we see just once a year at LGO and of course the obligatory glance to assess the competition. I would say all but one team looked ready to go and in good shape, the last team perhaps a little over-trained or just over whelmed!

Very quickly we moved on to Samoens where there is an Opening Ceremony tonight. Little did we know but the officials sprang on us the news that we would be taking part in a Prologue stage today that will count for the general standings of the race. It's only 12km long but still, we had spent time in the car working out who would run and rest for the first three stages, which meant we hadnt really planned on tonight's course. Still, it's short and I'm sure most teams will be going out with a bang, with 10 dogs (maximum). For us, Milos wants to save dogs for tomorrow (one of the hardest, mountainous stages) so we will most likely run with just 8 dogs. Milos says he doesn't think he'll lose much time with 2 less dogs over such a short stage and the team will be easier to control around a tricky bend we've been warned of.

Now it's just to wait until 6pm when the first team goes out and the rest follow in 2 minute intervals. At about 7.45 there will be a big firework display and if its anything like last year it'll be impressive.

So this is it folks, this is what 5 months of training in the cold, on a quad bike and on a sled, has been about. Lets hope its all been worthwhile. I'll post an update later!

Pics attached are us at Samoens with the beautiful backdrop of the Savoie Mont Blanc region.

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