Tuesday, 22 January 2013

This is so exciting!!!!

So rarely can we see the teams on the trail but today we've been fortunate to follow them up the valley. It's really exciting to see their progress and see how things change on the way.

We have the whole family with us tonight... Milos's mum and dad, one of his aunts and three cousins plus a cousins husband! See the picture of them taking shelter in the van on this cold night!

We've just seen Milos in Bonneval (half way point) and he crossed just ahead of Pontier. This means Pontier still has an advantage of about a minute on Milos. Some time later Jiri crossed, now ahead of Radek by 30 seconds or so. It seems Pontier is going fastest, Jiri and Milos have about the same time now and Radek is about 2 minutes behind Milos. Jimmy Pettersson also crossed with a good time.

Lets hope Milos can keep it up!

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