Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Final results - Milos storms home for 2nd place!!!!

What an unbelievable turn of events. Last night ended on a knife edge for Pontier and Milos who was only 2 minutes behind him. When on the finish line waiting for Milos I heard from the vets that our dogs slept well not moving under the blankets Milos had put out for them. He had to push hard yesterday to get back some time and he said Sonnie and Heineken looked tired. Heiney wasn't so great as he had been suffering diarrhoea for the two days but he was given five star treatment by the vets and managed to finish the race today. All 10 dogs did. Infact, we didn't load a dog in the sled the entire race.

In contrast, Pontiers dogs had been pushed hard for the entire race and this last stage was just a step too far for them. He had to drop one dog and many were exhausted. The advantage he gained down hill was short lived as Milos caught up on the flat and lost him on the up hill. Then it was just a case of gaining the time difference and getting to the end. Milos said he was on the edge of how hard he is willing to push the dogs but he knew it was the end and he saw the chance for 2nd place.

I don't know the official times yet but Milos won this stage and took 2nd overall in the tightest race the LGO has ever known. I really can't believe it. I never imagined this outcome what with everything that's happened. Milos and the dogs are a special combination and I'm so proud of them all.

In the team were: Waf and Cliff in lead, Foxy and Wuf, Grony and Patch, Toby and Sonnie, Heineken and Spendrup.

Here's some pictures of the podium and I'll be back later with a final update with times.

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Joe said...

YES!!! Well done!!