Tuesday, 8 January 2013

We found snow!

Hoorah... Today we managed to find a bit of snow to train on. We went to a small but beautiful ski resort called Donovaly close to the Tatras mountains. There was a 30km cross country ski trail with about a 600m elevation. That's higher than anything we have in good old flat Sweden but bearing in mind the LGO trails ascend to a max of 3900m in one stage it's nothing to what the dogs will face next week. Milos too! He'll be doing a lot of pushing up hills. (I could make an age joke here about being over the hill but only the English readers would probably appreciate it! Tee hee).

There's two reasons I don't have photos to go with this update... One because I'm blogging with my phone and I'm just not that good yet on how it all works. But more importantly there was no way I could take pictures from the sled whilst trying to control the dogs!! The trail was quite icy and I only had 5 dogs but I was on milos's sled so the handlebars were much higher than mine and it put me off balance. I felt like a midget on the back, an old granny barely able to see over a steering wheel. Still, must have been entertaining for the cross country skiers we passed.

It was a good run by all accounts even though our average speed was little over 15kmph over a short 31km. We were joined by Jozef, a friend of Milos's which just added to the occasion. He's a great guy, and funny too. We got along just fine even though I don't speak Slovakian and he doesn't speak English!

So that's it for today. Short and sweet. It's late and we're still on our way home with plenty of things to organise when we get there. Time is flying!!

See you tomorrow... Or perhaps Thursday as we're only planning shopping tomorrow and you probably already know what the inside of Tesco looks like!!

Ciao. Xx

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