Sunday, 13 January 2013

Stage 1 results

Well, what a day!! We've been non stop and we've just sat down for the first time - it's nearly 9pm!! Milos has jumped into bed nursing sore muscles from climbing 4000m with the dogs today. He said he's never hurt so much physically than he did climbing these mountains. There was no choice but to walk and push the sled on the steep up hills otherwise just one foot on the skis/runners would bring the whole team to a grinding halt.

Generally speaking the stage went well. It was so warm that the dogs found the going tough and the snow was very soft. Exactly the conditions our dogs don't like! The distance was 63km made up of really steep ups and downs. The mushers even drove on ski slopes with skiers. Infact at one point Milos got a bit lost and was asking the spectators and skiers which way he should go... Unfortunately they sent him in the wrong direction which cost him a few minutes. But otherwise it was ok, just very warm and tough. The black dogs, Heineken and Spendrup suffered most but they were really lively again after cooling down. Wuf had troubles to go fast downhills too as his first time in lead on this stage.

On the whole, there are a few disappointed faces around. Martin Bily parked his dogs and took a rest on the trail because of the tough hills. Radek had massive troubles with his team, loading a dog quite early on and struggling physically. Jimmy Petterson was hoping for a better stage too but he says his training conditions have been bad and the dogs aren't in such good shape - in which case he should be pleased with his very respectable 5th place. There were still some mushers on the trail six hours after the start so we count ourselves lucky Milos and team made it back safely.

Tonight's pictures are the results, some scenery from the course, Milos starting and Milos in bed as I write this! Good night all. I now have to go and massage dogs and check their feet!

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Really into this blog. Best of luck!!