Sunday, 13 January 2013

Stage 1 - Les Carroz

After last nights result of 4th, today's race started in reverse order. So Milos was the 4th last to leave at 11.50. Miky, Martin Bily and Pontier all behind him. That means he has to finish infront of them by at least the same interval as they started (2m) if he is not to lose more time to them.

It's now 13.20 and Pavol and I have returned back to the car and are preparing to leave to the finish line in time to meet the Mushers. We're expecting the stage to take 3.5-4 hours as its 63km long with an ascent of 3900 metres!!! It's turned into a really sunny day and super warm so I expect a lot of dogs will get dehydrated. We water our dogs about 1.5hrs before they go but some of them aren't so keen on it so its really hard to get water down them. One surprise I witnessed was a musher go out with full booties and dog jackets on - black ones! Surely that's asking for trouble? We'll see.

Meanwhile, Falco is in the trailer again. He's having problems with his back. We're not sure what, he's got very localised pain but we think it might just be that he hit himself when leaping from the trailer and its bruised. Still, we keep massaging him and hope it improves.

I'll let you know how we get on. Thanks for following this. Sometimes I think I'm just writing it for myself but I'm told lots of people are reading!

Today's pictures are of a happy Milos at breakfast and at the start of the race.


Baptiste MusherExperience said...

Bon rétablissement pour Falco
Good recovery for Falco

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