Saturday, 19 January 2013

Stage 7a & 7b - bivouac in a storm!

Stages 7a and 7b were scheduled as a bivouac with an overnight stop at the Base Polaire, but a storm has blown in the valley and it has been cancelled. Instead, the stage will be run as two separate trails (today and tomorrow) but the timing will only count as one. The mushers have a late start today and we are scheduled to leave at 17.46 so I shall make this quick. It's windy but still fairly warm and really quite a dull day. Not the sort of weather you want to go out in with snow blowing in your face.

Milos will take 10 dogs today. Falco included. Gina is still off with her toe which seems to be getting a bit bigger again! And Balto and Slash are still in recovery too. Technically Balto could run today as he's been off Imodium for some time and Slash can run Monday. But Milos is airing on the side of caution and will leave them for this stage (2 days). Wuf is also taking a rest.

I hope to update you later but it will be a late one!

Picture of Milos chilling in the car before the stage.

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