Thursday, 24 January 2013

Last stage timings and general rankings

I thought I would upload the final timings from yesterday's stage and general rankings. Milos clearly won the stage yesterday (his first win this year) with a 10.5 minute lead over Pontier. It was excitement all the way for the race and the public and organisers loved it.

Final rankings show Milos ahead by over 6 minutes so it was a convincing win in the end.

At the awards ceremony last night Milos was also given "best climber" as the musher who climbed the three highest and steepest mountain slopes the fastest. Not bad for someone who lives and trains in (flat) Sweden! Our dogs definitely like the up hills!

Now we're on our way back to Slovakia. It was a super early start again, so little more than 4 hours sleep for about the 14th night in a row! The drive should take about 24 hours of constant driving through the day and night. Then we stop for two days before starting the 3000km drive from Slovakia to northern Sweden.

We have a new passenger on board! His name is Terry and he's one of Radek's race team. We bought him from Radek after he was loaded in the sled on the first stage and Radek no longer trusts him to run. I think the race was a bit scary for him as he's a nervous chap but we hope he will make a great tourist dog. I'll try and post some pictures later...

Bye for now.

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