Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Transfer to stage 4 start

We're on the road this morning heading towards Chamonix and Mont Blanc for stage four starting at 14.00. This is a 59km trail high up into the Mont Blanc range - a real treat for the Mushers who get an excellent view of this famous mountain. It's a bit colder today and the fog is clearing thankfully. It's likely to be a late night so I may not be able to post later.

We weren't sure we'd get this far. If I'm honest we thought we may be heading home yesterday. It was really bad with Slash and Balto. Even the vets were wondering what it was. Kennel Cough was mentioned (which would mean leaving ASAP to prevent it spreading through the other teams) but neither dog was coughing and as time went on it has become obvious it isn't kennel cough. It looks like some kind of virus and stomach bug together. Both dogs have responded really well to intravenous liquids although they are not eating/drinking on their own yet. It is likely to be the end of the race for them, or at the very least a long rest. The other dogs will need to step up if we're to continue. My guess is Milos will take smaller teams in these next few stages and hope to hold on to third place. With Radek quickly making up time it may be hard but we have about 50 minutes. But the race is secondary to the health of the dogs so as long as they get better and the others stay healthy then everything else is just a bonus.

The vets on the race have been excellent. Very attentive even though they have many dogs and teams here. Balto and Slash are getting the best care possible and really look so much better today with normal temperatures. It seems the virus might be a quick one but the gastritis is lingering a little.

Just a quick picture to show their progress. :-) And one of the scenery on our drive.

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