Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pontier and Milos neck and neck!

Arrrrghhhg!!!!!! With only 2 mins 34 seconds between them at the start, Pontier had caught Milos quickly with some saying Pontier was ahead by 2km or about 6 minutes within 2 hours. But this advantage was surely gained down hill where Pontier is happy to run his dogs faster than Milos.

At 9.45 it was reported Milos had caught Pontier and they were travelling together after about 50km. Is Milos saving the dogs in the hope that he can gain minutes on a hill climb later in the trail? Or is he giving up on 2nd place and happy to bring home the dogs gently for third? I don't know. But I feel sick with nerves. Pavol and I have just left for the finish line as the first teams are expected soon (perhaps around 11.00/11.30).

Whatever happens, I couldn't be more proud of Milos or the dogs. What a spectacular performance by the team under such difficult circumstances. Go Gonda!!

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