Monday, 21 January 2013

Mass start at Bessans

Things are brighter in the team today, mainly with us after a good nights rest... And a little help from Guns & Roses blasting on the car stereo!

The mass start is at 3.40 this afternoon so we are just preparing now. The dogs look better after last nights rest. The great news is both Balto and Slash are back in the team! So is Gina and Wuf. All have been given the go ahead by the vet. Yay! We hope the team will stay healthy on the trail. It means we have 4 fresh dogs in the team today and although we have 10 we can take, Milos will take 9 and rest one extra for the last overnight stage when we hope to be back to a full team of 10.

Here's Milos enjoying Fika in the car... With a smile!! :-)

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