Wednesday, 7 January 2015

50km to Stockholm...

Wow! What a night. Whilst most of you have been tucked up in bed we've been behind the wheel. Milos mostly to be fair as I am really struggling with getting any sleep and just feel so tired. I've had one hours sleep from 5.30-6.30am. But Milos has probably had the same and is still driving. My hero! Not only that but he's still got a smile on his face and a good morning kiss for his (grumpy) wife!! ;-)

The weather didn't get any better and we've battled snow and winds all the way. Thank goodness for stud tyres... The rest of Europe could learn a few things about that! Of course we can't have studs in Germany or France so our next challenge is to change tyres and find a "tyre hotel" to store them whilst we're away. We'll change them again on the way back. 

Our driving effort non stop through the night means we're only 50km from Stockholm... At the worst possible time to drive through the capital. We're surrounded by commuters all in a hurry to get to work. Our van and trailer is quite out of place. At least it's stopped snowing. It's raining instead! We don't normally see that over the winter. We don't normally see the sun either (we're so far north that the sun doesn't rise for a whole month between mid December and mid January) so we're looking forward to seeing the sun again soon. It's still pitch black for now and other than an hour at the beginning it has been for the whole journey. The sun will bless us soon enough. :-)

We haven't contacted Jan overnight as we didn't know if he would be sleeping at some point but soon we'll give him a morning wake up call. My bet is that he's also driven through the night... And is probably waiting for us at Trelleborg already!!

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