Monday, 12 January 2015

Stage 2 - another 2nd place

The official times will be released later but the podium remains the same as yesterday: Radek 1st, Milos 2nd, Remy Coste 3rd. Milos thinks Radek gained about 3 minutes on him today saying he looked really strong on the trail. Meanwhile Milos struggled especially towards the end. We have a couple of dogs that have put on weight whilst travelling and they struggled with the heat and speed. Even Cliff had trouble with speed today which is unheard of! And Balto struggled at the end too (he has his head firmly focused on Dixie who's in heat). The 'heat' cycle of the girls is actually quite a problem as the boys aren't eating well and they're not focused on running. But we all have our off days and it reminds me that this race can change in a matter of seconds. You never know what's around the next corner. And I hope things improve when it gets colder and longer towards the end.

Jan ran a really good race today and I think he must have taken 4th in the end although I think he enjoyed coming first into the finish (don't forget the time differential at the start means that mushers further back can be the fastest over the trail). He seems in good spirits. 

I'll post timings when I know them. 

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Joe said...

Well done again for second place.