Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Arrived in Trelleborg!

Finally! We've arrived at the ferry terminal. Milos and I are both totally shattered but safe and sound. And the dogs are good too. It's getting a little interesting with them however with 5 out of 7 females now in heat!! Er, this could be fun. Not! Toby and Waf are already more interested in the girls than their food and our trailer is turning into a full on brothel with the girls teasing the boys. We can't let them run loose together now. Still we're hoping if we use the girls in lead on the race the boys will run super fast to catch them. :-)

The ferry to Rostock takes six hours so this should give us a chance to sleep, at least for a couple hours. Then it's a 10 hour drive to our friends mushing school in Germany where we'll take a 24 hour break before the final slog to Samoens in France. It already sounds like a tough race and we haven't even started yet!! 

Next update from Germany. :-)

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