Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Milos takes 1 minute 3 secs from Radek!

Jan managed to send me a quick unofficial update from the polar base. The results were:

Milos first 
+1:03 Radek
+6:52 Daniel Juillaguet 
+9:38 Remy Coste
+10:15 Jan

Milos was vomiting on the trail!!!! But now feels a bit better. All our dogs ate and look good but Radeks not so good (some were not eating very well). But things can change in this race... We'll find out tomorrow who has the stronger team... And stronger stomach!!!

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Rachel Dalton said...

Wow, Milos! You are made of steel! I'm so proud of you, brother in law. I KNOW you can win this. Much love to all, especially the dog handler who has very little left of her nails ;-) x