Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Waiting for stage 4 - and it's raining!!!!

If you could only see us now. All the trucks tightly packed into a small car park in the middle of Les Gets. It's pouring with rain and there's 20 trucks here full of mushers who probably have better conditions for dog sledding at home. Seems mad! The organisers must be having a nightmare fulfilling their promises to the ski resorts for the 'musher attraction', shipping in trucks of snow to line the start through the street (that's melting as quickly as they put it down), and still trying to put on the show. As for the mushers, they'll be putting on their waterproofs not their thermals today. In our camp the mood is a bit sombre. Milos is tired. Not just physically tired but tired of the whole charade. He's taking a nap now and hopefully we'll get a lift in the weather which will improve the mood. For me, I find chocolate helps! Although I'm starting to look like fat Dixie now. ;-)

Actually, I'm also tired. Travelling for 4 days with no sleep takes time to recover from. Last night I was lying awake til midnight thinking about the day we had and couldn't sleep. Well, until I tried some "sleep easy" spray from Arbonne that my sister gave me. A few sprays in my mouth and I was out like a light! Magical stuff and I can highly recommend it. I've also got the Arbonne protein shake powder with us and Milos is using it after every stage to ease muscle recovery. Without thinking he commented last night that he doesn't ache and can't remember a previous race where his muscles weren't screaming by now. Thanks Arbonne! If anyone wants to try any of it let me know and I'll put you in touch with a supplier. It's mail order so super easy and to your door! 

Anyway, as we wait (and caffeine load) here's a couple of pics. The rain! And of Grony and Milos taking a nap in the van. Grony is now sleeping in the van at night because she developed an allergy to the straw in her box. 

Thanks to all for following and also for the comments. We're reading everything and the encouragement really helps. Hope we can all make you happy today! And if there's anything you want me to write about let me know!!


Joe said...

Things are going to turn around today, I can feel it :)

Ales Picl said...

Thank you for nice blog and all information about race. Cross the fingers for better weather and hope that we will see Milos on podium again and again and again :-)