Monday, 12 January 2015

Arriving at Stage 2 - Morillon

We're just arriving at the starting car park for stage 2 in Morillon. It's about 9.55 and 3 degrees. There's a distinct lack of snow other than a steep zig zag path up a mountain side. It's today's trail. A massive 2500m over the first 12 km. I can't even imagine what the trail is normally used for its so steep. No-one in their right mind would go up or down it... Except crazy Mushers!!! In the picture you can even see a waterfall by its side. 

Today's stage has been halved to approx 35km. We saved a couple of the bigger, stronger dogs for today knowing the hills would be a problem. Waf gets to go in lead today and I'm glad because he's been so excitable he's been howling at night and keeping everyone awake apparently... I did comment that the place was full of about 200 dogs but it just so happens it was one of ours causing problems (according to some mushers who chose to complain to the organisation. No-one said anything to us). Anyway, today we let Waf do what he does best. :-) 

The first musher starts at 11.30 and 2 minute intervals after that. We'll start second to last so I'm guessing about 12ish. 


Joe said...

Go Waf!!

St├ęphanie Prades said...

Good luck, the race is getting more and more crazy ! No meaning to drive dogs in such a steep profile. I follow you from the web, here in Norway we have a lot of snow ! Jean Philippe Pontier