Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Start of stage 3 - Sommand

An early start today to get to the start line with plenty of time to spare. Now the crowds are gathering and the dogs are getting excited! I hope they will do ok today. I'm finding it hard to stay positive as our eating situation is reaching critical point. It's tough to know if you should take the dogs running that haven't been eating (trying to spike their appetite) or let them rest hoping it will change. We're trying everything but the boys are so focused on the girls or what's going on around them, all this chaos, that they don't have focus for anything else. It's depressing and personally it's getting me down. It's so hard to see them turn their noses up at food they would normally love. But they are all still very lively despite this. 

So this is a 60km stage and is usually very fast. Historically we don't do very well on this stage so if we're on the podium it will be a nice surprise. Radek is likely to take the stage win again as he looks really strong. I often wonder if people face the same problems we do. I know Jan had a couple of dogs not eating too but then his aren't used to the warm etc either so perhaps it's no surprise. 

Anyway, I have to run now and prepare the dogs... First to moisturise their feet, put booties on then harnesses and hook them up!!

The team today is Waf, Cliff, Hannalore, Button, Foxy, Toby, Senna, Dixie, Spendrup and Alonso. 

Enjoy the race. :-)


Claire said...

Keep your spirits up Gaynor - the tiredness itself must be a struggle for you after the journey, adrenaline can only get you to a certain point. With the girls on heat and some dogs not eating its remarkable you're going into the next stage at second place. You're doing amazingly. Great news for Jan's team too, exciting stuff.

Joe said...

Good luck for today, chin up!