Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Stage 3 timings

Well it's all change after a pretty challenging stage. I asked Milos what I should write about today and his reply was "nothing". That just about sums up what we feel. The more we think about it the more unbelievable it is that Remy Coste out performed everyone by a pretty huge margin today. Milos said at the half way point (where radek caught him) he was 30 seconds faster than Coste (he could see him in the trail so could calculate) so Radek would have been 2m 30s faster. They were catching him up. Then miraculously Coste managed to gain 9 mins 20 secs on Milos in the last 25km! Ok, Milos had a few troubles but that's still a huge amount of time. Not only that but he gained 4 mins 30 secs on Radek too which just seems impossible because everything was going good for Radek and Coste hasn't been able to keep his pace til now. Very strange. But I guess you have to hand it to him, he ran an exceptional race, but I wonder how it will be tomorrow. It's only a short stage though (about 50km) so maybe that's the reason he decided to push it. We'll have to wait and see!

Anyway, this is how it is. Sometimes you have a good day and sometimes a bad day. We hope a good day will come soon for us. Meanwhile here are the timings of the stage and the new overall positions showing us now in third place. 


Rebecca said...

Hang in there!! Trying to send you some cold weather (and it must be on its way since we've had -30 the last few days and now it's getting warmer).
Go go go!!!

Joe said...

Sending good luck!