Sunday, 11 January 2015

And they're off!

16.15 saw the first team leave Les Carroz, closely followed by each team in 2 minute intervals. Jan left at 16.37 and Milos at 16.40. It was confirmed the stage would be 25km with only one big hill to climb. It was pure chaos at the start. Crowds walking between the dog teams (some with dogs!) and dog teams lined up next to each other on a narrow ridge before the start chute. We have met some Norwegians running Siberians and I think they are quite overwhelmed by it all. They seem quiet in nature, very friendly and wondering what crazy world they've come to. 

It wasn't long before we could see some mushers climbing the hill that skiers had been sliding down just an hour before. I managed to take a picture but I don't know of who. I just know it's not Jan or Milos. 

Now we're in a rush to beat the mushers to the finish line!

Our team today are Cliff and Hannalore, Foxy and Leepey, Button and Senna, Patch and Grony, Alonso and Spendrup. 

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