Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Stormy weather hits!

Finally we finished packing around 13.00 today, quickly loaded the dogs in the trailer (who were very happy to be loaded into boxes with plenty of fluffy new straw!) and were on the road at 13.30. The sat nav said 1830km to Trelleborg where we'll catch the ferry to Rostock. 

It wasn't long before our progress was slowed to about 50kmph due to fresh winds blowing in off the coast. Wisps of sugar snow swept across the road at first but that soon turned to heavy wet snow with warmer weather and lots of wind! It was super scary to be driving with a trailer of precious cargo!! The van and trailer would slip and slide with gusts of cross winds and no grip on the road. 

Now my shoulders ache from being so tense at the wheel! And Milos (who's turn it was to sleep) wasn't so successful in that and jumped awake every time he felt the van tyres lose grip or he heard me gasping as I tightened my fists over the steering wheel fighting the effects of the wind. 

We're now in Umea and in touch with Jan who's ahead of us in his own vehicle. He's a single driver so left earlier so he has the option to stop and sleep tonight. Milos and I will most likely drive through the night. 1258km left to go and the snow has turned to rain and plus 2 degrees!!! It feels like we're in France already. Lol. 

Here's hoping we can get through this first challenge to meet our midnight ferry tomorrow. 

Oh, and just incase you were wondering... The dogs are fine, all loving it in their snug beds... :-)


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