Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Stage 3 and we've lost 2nd place

This one is always tough for us. It's warm and it's a fast stage. And we took Dixie, one of the dark and fat dogs! What a mistake. She just couldn't keep the speed set by the Frenchman Remy Coste who finished in spectacular speed today. He was heard to say it was all or nothing and he took a risk which paid off. For us, Dixie got dropped at the vet check at the top of the mountain and Waf (who's been spending sleepless nights howling after the girls and not eating) took a rest in the sled at one point, although he then finished the race. Dixie got a snow mobile ride to the finish. With this in mind Milos did pretty well to keep the pace he did. And Remy took a big risk to gain 2nd place and only a few minutes in his battle with Milos. It's stage 3 of 8 so we will see if he pays for his gamble later. 

Our dogs recovered quite quickly at the van but they were tired. In another blow for our team Leepey has had her foot x-rayed as it appeared very swollen when she came out of the trailer earlier. Thankfully it's not broken but she will have to rest for a few days now. We're not sure what happened as she didn't even run yesterday or today, but these things happen. 

It's very easy to focus on that and the couple of dogs that struggle and forget that there were many that did really well. Today's favourite is Spendrup. 

I'll post up times when I know them but rumour has it Milos managed third place on the stage but we'll see. I think it was pretty close. 

Later we'll try a new strategy with feeding. No meat, just plain, cool water and the dogs favourite dry food - Royal Canin 4800. Fingers crossed it works. 

Meanwhile, Jan had another good stage today and will be fighting Milos for today's third place most likely. He's confirming his place as best Rookie and a strong fourth overall. That's a very respectable start so congratulations to him and all of his hard work to train his team whilst also working with tourists at Taistos kennel. There's no doubt the dogs have good breeding and he knows what he's doing in training and racing. 

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