Tuesday, 20 January 2015

He's at the finish of 8a!

Oh... My... Goodness!!!!! Were you watching live? In the end, I was. It turns out I felt more sick at the thought of everything going wrong than knowing the truth. So I tuned in to the live GPS. 

What can I say!!! I love my husband and our doggies!!!! What an amazing performance by all. I don't know the times and wouldn't like to guess but he has made it to the finish in good time. Taisto called and said he was about 4 minutes ahead (so gaining 2mins on Radek) but the GPS is unreliable and by the finish line I think it might more like 3 minutes (so 1 minute if we're lucky). But the last time I thought Milos had won according to the GPS, the official result was that Radek was faster by a second... So I don't dare guess again. We will have to wait and see...

But I'm so proud of him and the team for even starting tonight's stage. Having spent the day in bed I really wasn't sure which way it would go. I just hope he has the strength to look after himself and the team tonight. My guess is he'll head straight to bed!!! As for me... Something to calm my nerves perhaps... Slurp, slurp!


Cari said...

Great news!! Hope that Milos is doing fine, and will have a good night sleep, and wake up well tomorrow!! Cross fingers here, and P-pups are cheering for daddy Vaf!

Matej Mikunda said...

wohoo..nailbiter till the end. great performance :)

Lubos Seidl said...

However I'm fan of Radek, I am proud of Milos Performance. Congratulation to your team!!! He did really well and, I hope he will survive the night and Tullamorrow we'll see again extremely interesting stage. I hope the better will win the race.
(Radek's 6 time LGO handler)